Michael Fitzpatrick was appointed to the position of chief probation officer in the Southern District of New York on January 1, 2009.

Prior to being named as the chief probation officer, Mike served as a pretrial services officer in the District of New Jersey starting in 1993 and was promoted to electronic monitoring specialist in 1999.  During this time Mike became the first pretrial services or probation officer who supervised a defendant using a global positioning satellite system. Mike served as a member of the Administrative Office’s Remote Supervision Technology Working Group, the Home Confinement Working Group, and the Information Technology Advisory Group.

In June of 2005 Mike was promoted to supervisory pretrial services officer, a position he held until July of 2006, when he was named to serve as the chief pretrial services officer in the Southern District of New York.

Mike served as the chair of the Administrative Office’s Chief’s Advisory Group from January of 2012 – December of 2013. The Chief’s Advisory Group provides advice to the Judicial Conference’s Criminal Law Committee on policies, procedures, and programs effecting the probation and pretrial services system and provides chiefs with an opportunity for input into the development of national policies. Mike previously served as a member of the Administrative Office’s Technology and Facilities Advisory Council, and the Space and Security Advisory Council, and is presently a member of the Work Measurement Steering Group.  Mike was also a member of the inaugural class of the Federal Judicial Center’s Judicial Executive Leadership Program.

In May of 2012, Mike was named as a recipient of the New York County Lawyer’s Associations Unsung Heroes Award for exemplary performance of duties during these difficult times of reduced resources and increased caseloads.

Mike is a member of the 2nd Circuit Civic Engagement Committee whose purpose is to help increase points of contact between the courts and the communities served, to facilitate mutual understanding, to ensure that the courts are accessible and effective public institutions, and to seek the participation of the various communities in which the courts function.  As part of the Civic Education Programs sub-committee, Mike worked with the New York City school system to develop a criminal justice curriculum for high school students.

Mike serves as the chair of the New York City Federal Executive Board.  Federal Executive Boards, established by Presidential Directive in 1961, encourage communication and collaboration among Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC.

Mike is a member of the National Association of Probation Executives, the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Association, and the Emerald Society of Federal Law Enforcement Agency.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Trenton State College and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Rutgers University.