The New York City Federal Executive Board strives to assist our federal community in the five boroughs of NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

We have four strategic goals:

  1. Promote and deliver programs and services related to Emergency Preparedness, Security and Employee Safety;
  2. Promote and deliver programs and services related to Workforce Development and Support;
  3. Promote and deliver programs and services related to Intergovernmental and Interagency Collaboration and Community Outreach;
  4. Support the Federal Executive Board Network by building the capacity of all Federal Executive Boards and improving commonalities within the network’s administrative functions.


Our Programs and Initiatives 

Emergency Preparedness, Security, and Employee Safety
The FEB along various federal agencies work and prepare together through training programs with our partners at FEMA, Homeland Security, and FPS. The NYC FEB also maintains a notification system used for inter-agency communication in an emergency. 

  • Emergency Preparedness and Advisory Committee (EPAC) 
    Promotes the development of emergency and COOP plans and enhances our Federal partners’ overall emergency preparedness. This committee prepares the recommendations to agency leadership during weather and other events.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Intergovernmental Working Group (COOP)
    This working group prepares briefings, tabletop training, and inter-agency drills for continuity of operations and emergency preparedness professionals.

Workforce Development and Employee Engagement
The New York City FEB focuses workforce development opportunities on training future leaders, highlighting the best work of current employees, and collaborating to soothe inevitable workplace conflicts through our Mediation program

  • Mediation Services
    FEB is working towards being able to offer  mediator training and the use of mediators trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution who conduct free mediation upon request from Federal agencies.                                                                          
  • Training Programs           
    Our programs are designed to enhance our legal, human resources, and emergency preparedness initiatives. Programs for future leaders include the SES Prepare to Lead Series and Full Board Meetings. Soft Skills classes are available to help employees improve customer service, grammar, and public speaking skills.
  • Awards and Recognition                                                       
    Each year, the FEB celebrates local Federal employees, encourages competition, and rewards employees and agencies for exceptional work. Awards are given in 10 categories including Agency of the Year. It is the most effective means of publicizing to the general population, as well as to the Federal family, the high caliber of devoted employees in the Federal service.

Intergovernmental and Inter-agency Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships
The FEB strives to help local agency directors implement national outreach programs and White House Initiatives by coordinating local resources through development of relationships with the city, state,  and county government, as well as public and non-profit sector partnerships.

  • Combined Federal Campaign
    The Combined Federal Campaign protects the integrity of the Federal workplace giving program by screening local charities requesting inclusion in the giving guidebook and conducts audits to ensure employee donations are secure. FEB oversees the collection of Federal employee contributions to non-profit organizations through the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) and selects organizations to be included in our local campaign.
  • Government Employee Discounts                                             
    We hope to provide a list of partners who offer discounts to Federal employees and their families and friends.